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Eligibility in SD Guide 2016
     Evaluation Instruments
     Eligibility Tools and Resources
IEP Technical Assistance Guide - 2018
Alternate Assessment Participation Worksheet
SPED Reporting Sheets
SD Accommodation Manual
Infinite Campus Special Education Video Tutorials
Austism Spectrum Disorder - Diagnostic Criteria Handout
Austism Spectrum Disorder - DSM Handout
Handout: The Law on Prior Written Notice and Practical Compliance Strategies
General Procedures of Special Education
New Eligibility
SLD Document Overview
Individual Education Program - Forms
Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Individual Education Plan for Transition
IEP Transition - SPANISH
IEP Amendment / pdf
Referral for Special Education Directions for Completing Main Eligibility
Determination of Eligibility (long form) Main Determination of Eligibility (NEW)
Determination of eligibility – SPANISH (long form) Autism Spectrum Disorder (560)
Cognitive Disability (510)
Deafness (545)
Deaf Blindness (500)
Developmental Delay (570)
Emotional Disturbance (505)
Hearing Loss (515)
Orthopedic Impairment (535)
Other Health Impaired (555)
Specific Learning Disability (525)
Speech Language (550)
Traumatic Brain Injury (565)
Vision Loss (540)
Meeting Notice / pdf
Meeting Notice - SPANISH
Request to Excuse IEP Team Members / pdf
Parental Prior Written Notice/ Consent for Evaluation / pdf
Parent Prior Written Notice / pdf
Parent Prior Written Notice - SPANISH
Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education
Revocation of Consent for Special Education / pdf
Revocation of Consent for Special Education - SPANISH
Consent for Initial Provisions of Special Education/Spanish
Parent Prior Written Notice Following Revocation of Consent / pdf
Parental Prior Written Notice/ Consent for Evaluation/ Spanish version
Summary of Performance
Consent to invite agency / pdf
TA Guide

School Based Medicaid Information
Letter from US DOE
Medicaid Covered Services
Private Health Insurance Consent Form
Medicaid Consent Form
Notification To Access Public Benefits Or Insurance(Medicaid)

Extended School Year
Extended School Year Services in Special Education
PowerPoint Presentation
Live Meeting

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If you have questions, please contact the Special Education Office at the South Dakota Department of Education at 605-773-3678.